The Dawn254, re-imagining Africa’s policies on subjects that matter is the home of an upcoming international affairs analyst Juma Ignatius.  

Juma is a graduate of the university of Nairobi from the institute of Diplomacy and International Studies. My general areas of focus are International Relations (Diplomacy) and International Security,with a greater emphasis on human security.

I have a strong desire to delve into issues related to food security, gender, governance,development,human rights,environment,conflict management and forced migration (Refugee Affairs).

All the views expressed in the DAWN254 are solely my opinions that are aimed at seeing a change on how affairs run on the African continent and beyond. My opinions are not aimed at disparaging anybody’s credentials or worth but are aimed at provoking people to engage in honest discussions. Your right to disagree with my views on this platform is respected.

For inquiries or an invitations to be a discussant on pertinent issues that affect people or any other related subjects you can reach me via jumaignatius@gmail.com

Twitter: @ignatiusjuma

One thought on “HOME

  1. It is true that Africa as a continent needs total change.An everlasting solution can be found through dialogue and dedication to work. May you rise to curb the regime


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